Field Trip Components

All programs include:

  • Orientation film

  • Guided Tour of the town of Brunswick OR Fort Anderson

  • One or more hands on activities or demonstrations 

**The Staff  recommends that groups up to 130 students choose one of the activities listed below. Groups with 131 students and up choose 2 activities to ensure manageable group size. Field trips will run approximately 1.5 hours for  smaller groups and 2 hours for larger groups. All field trips include time for the movie/gallery/gift shop and the picnic area is available for lunch. 

Activities marked with an asterisk (*) require a $2 per student, per activity fee. 

Each activity lasts approximately 30 minutes

To schedule a Field Trip:

Call: (910) 371-6613

Or Email: with field trip reservation requests

Or Fill Out and Submit the Field Trip Request Form HERE

Please call at least two weeks in advance of the desired field trip date.

Field trips begin at 10:00 am at the earliest. 

All programs are for groups of 10 or more students. 

Civil War Activities/Demonstrations

Musket demonstration: A Costumed interpreter will demonstrate the manual of arms drill and how to load and fire a reproduction period small arms firearm.

Musket Drill: Using wooden facsimiles, a costumed interpreter will put students through the manual of arms.

Torpedoes*:Learn about the dangerous obstructions lurking beneath the calm waters of the Cape Fear River that the Union Navy faced. Watch as a uniformed interpreter demonstrates the power of a torpedo and the mechanism that allowed soldiers to detonate the devices on demand.

Colonial Activities/Demonstrations

Musket demonstration: See above

Musket drill: see above.

Toys and Games*: Play the games 18th century children used to entertain themselves.

Stenciling: Use a steady hand to recreate how colonists would decorate their houses without mass produced wall paper or paint.

Candle dipping*: Create your own source of light just like the


Quill Pen Writing*: Try your hand at writing a letter, 18th century style with pen and ink! Then, seal the letter shut with a genuine wax seal!